What is Bento?

Bento is a digital wealth solution provider with the objective of democratising investments by bringing an institutional approach to investing irrespective of wallet size. It uses fundamental research and an asset allocation methodology very similar to that used by large sovereign wealth funds and pension funds to generate unconflicted portfolios for its customers.
Research has shown that asset allocation determines around 90% of investment returns. At Bento you get personalised asset allocation advice linked to your objectives and risk profile, and your portfolio is likely to be very different from any other Bento customer. The portfolio can also be tailored to include or exclude specific asset classes, and cater to your preferences and knowledge of certain markets (e.g. your home market). Bento’s low overheads, zero retrocession and use of low-cost ETFs mean that our service is offered to you at a cost that is a fraction of what is offered by the incumbents.

What is the bionic element? How do human and robo elements work together?

Bento’s robo investment engine aids and doesn’t replace the human advisor.
You portfolio manager will walk you through the process, customise to your specific investment needs and touch base with you for quarterly portfolio updates. While the algorithm dispassionately allocates your assets in an efficient portfolio and rebalances on a quarterly basis, you also have access to your portfolio any day and time with advanced analytics and visualization to monitor on your own.

Is Bento a regulated entity?

Bento Invest Pte Ltd – the company running Bento – is registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) as a Registered Fund Management Company.

Who is eligible to be a Bento customer?

Bento is currently available to Accredited Investors only. The MAS definition of an Accredited Investor can be found here.
Bento is also able to provide services for trusts, institutions and private investment companies.

I am a wealth manager / independent asset manager / private banker. How can I use Bento?

Bento offers white labelled solutions for institutions such as wealth managers, independent asset managers and private banks. Talk to us for details.

Is there a minimum investment amount?

We encourage you to invest at least USD1,000,000 or its equivalent in other currencies through Bento, as long as you are an Accredited Investor. The MAS definition of an Accredited Investor can be found here. In addition we recommend you average this investment amount over a few months.

What is the investment horizon?

We recommend building long-term core portfolios over time to benefit from dollar cost averaging and holding portfolios over multiple investment cycles.

How are the investment decisions made?

Portfolios are constructed for the long term using Strategic Asset Allocation. On a quarterly basis we overlay with Dynamic Asset Allocation that caters to short-term dislocations in valuations.
Bento partners with Mercer, one of the leading investment consultants to sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and endowments. Mercer provides Bento with fundamental research on likely movements and correlations of various asset classes and sub-asset classes.
Bento then uses its proprietary optimization engine to combine the fundamental research with the investor’s objectives, risk appetite, existing assets and specific knowledge to come up with an optimized asset allocation plan. This plan is then executed using ETFs, which are selected on the basis of low cost, liquidity and tax treatment.

Is my money safe?

Bento does not keep custody of your assets. You can continue to keep custody of your assets with your existing bank in your name.

Why do you use ETFs?

Research has indicated that ETFs are the cheapest and most efficient way to build diversified portfolios. Our portfolios are made up of only large, liquid ETFs with low expense ratios. For asset classes that pay sizeable dividends, we choose tax-efficient options so that you are not subject to US domestic withholding tax.
However our investment philosophy evolves in line with the market and your needs. Bento is continuously monitoring various types of instruments such as single bonds, active funds, equities, etc. These may be incorporated in the portfolio construction process in the future, for certain sub-asset classes, where they are expected to outperform the relevant ETFs.

What does Bento charge ? Do you get any retrocession or kickbacks?

We charge an all-inclusive flat fee of assets under management for individual customers. Institutional customers may contact us for bespoke pricing. This fee structure ensures alignment of interests between the customer and Bento.
We get no commissions, retrocessions or kickbacks – absolutely none.

Will I incur trading commissions or other fees, especially during rebalancing?

Your costs may differ depending on your choice of custodian bank.

How do I get started?

Get in touch with us, and we will reach out to you.

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